Musical world is truly boundless, what gives everyone an easy chance to find something he needs. And only experienced listener has to make thoughtful and careful search in this ocean of musical information before he finds something that will satisfy his desires. Or he may make the search easier and pick up the labels which do not trend to play up to everyone, still releasing bright and interesting productions with the expiration date much longer than “one day hit”.

The mechanism of Indeks Music was established in 2008 by Antoine Caesar – Ukrainian producer, who experiment on the field of techno and minimal sound. The idea of releasing music beyond formats was set as a basis conception of the label. Such sound was the point of interest for the selected audience and the ones who painstakingly look for unusual sound for their mixes. The very first release of the label by Antoine Caesar & Timur Valiev - "Rotten Wars" made the excellent characteristic of elegant and original publisher. Even more risky form of sound and absence of overused samples predetermined their customer. At the same time the style that could be considered as a primitive set of sounds became an extra bridgehead for the creativity of experts, who aim to new forms of self expression. The future productions would train your hearing with the unusual pallets or flat massive bass. These were the main reasons for grand supporting from guild colleagues and genre metres like Richie Hawtin, Dave Seaman, Alex Bau, Dubfire, Ellen Allien, Luciano, Alan Fitzpatrick, Anderson Noise, Mike Wall, Marco Bailey, Paco Osuna, Secret Cinema, Pig&Dan, Fergie and many more.

Nowadays the yoke of Indeks Music contains several dozens of successful releases. Among the artists of the label there are honored pioneers of the genre not only from Ukraine, but also from France, Russia and Canada. Of course this is not going to become the highest top of the young label. Indeks Music plans to cooperate with new artists, who do not limit themselves within exact style frameworks and ready to develop. However does the label itself, which’s been continuously developing its musical approach with the artists. Probably that’s because of music interests of Indeks, which go much further narrowly demanded rhythm.